Broken Leg in Recovery

Broken Leg in Recovery

I have been putting off updating this blog out of fatigue and I have been sleeping a lot lately. The pain, I have been experiencing with my knee has been a bit hard to cope with these days.

On March 3, 2020, went to the fracture clinic and got a new cast, I was healing nicely and the Dr. was quite pleased with the way my leg was healing. He told me that, I needed to start getting my knee used to moving again. It hurt to move after 60 degrees without feeling a lot of pain. Although I could move it further, it just brought me to tears.

Here is a post that, I shared on my Facebook a few days later.

Facebook Post, I shared with my Family and Friends.

I had another appointment set up for the end of March sometime, during that time, public lockdown and social distancing for covid 19 was in effect. I figured that my appointment might get cancelled. To my surprise on March 25th, the doctor from the hospital called and told me that the clinic is only seeing people who are at risk for appointments only. He thought that my leg looked so good from the last visit.

Just got a call from the hospital regarding my leg. He said I don’t have to visit but he wants me to start bending my knee more. Still no weight on for another 2 weeks. April 8th. wow. I am smiling, was feeling down until this phone call. big smiles now. ( can’t dance yet but the balloons might help )

Facebook: March 25th, 2020.
Cute Graphic, made by the clever people at bitmoji.

What I didn’t say on my Facebook was that he was going to refer me back to my family doctor and that he should be following me up in the future. I called my Dr. to ask a few questions about pain, which is normal. I was told these things take time to heal.

I gingerly started walking a few days before I was told to. I just took small trips to the bathroom, it was so nice to walk into the kitchen to make myself a tea. and carry it to my desk in my bedroom.

May 22, 2020

I am feeling a lot better. I am getting Stronger, but somedays, the pain in my knee is unbearable, but I can see it is getting better. I have been able to take Fang out for walks and do light chores around the house again. Like dishes and trips to the laundry room. Last week, I did a walk around the neighbourhood. I just hope with the warmer weather, things look brighter.

Thanks for reading about my update, sorry it took so long. Write more soon.

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