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I am living in Toronto, Ontario, where I grew up in a small downtown suburb of Leslieville.  Most people called it “little Chinatown” when I was growing up.  but now it is called Leslieville,  I grew up with a standard family, of a mother and a father, and siblings.  I considered myself loved and well taken care of. I complained a lot as a kid but as an adult, I can say I am grateful for the awesome parents I had.  Thank you, Mom and Dad.

I have 2 Brothers- Mark and Raoul, 2 sisters

2019-0620 Recent Picture of Rachel
It’s me.

Sherri and Naomi.  I am the middle kid.  I was too young to hang with my groovy big sister and too old to hang with my little siblings.  I always felt a bit out of place. When I wasn’t trying to hang out with my big sister, I was teaching or playing with my younger siblings.  But mostly, I enjoyed being by myself, either reading or drawing something. Daydreaming was my favourite things to do. I loved to make up stories.

I am a mother of three beautiful children, Raisa, Sarah and Devin.  They are the reason I wanted to grow up, to be a Mommie, Now that my job is done, I get to take in the rewards of the wonderful adults they are today.

I love to play on my computer. I mostly love my video game World of Warcraft, where I play various classes, my favourite as a Resto Shaman, and Affliction warlock. Being a warlock as someone as gentle as me, it is nice to blow things up. I things I also enjoy, is Facebook, website design, blogging, and computer programming.

I also love to paint and draw and do creative things.  I made this blog to share my random thoughts and creative side when the mood suits me.

I just purchased a tablet, Wacom Intuos small one. and it is fun, love free software. Corel, your amazing.

I love movies, all kinds, but my favourites are sci-fi and supernatural, life is too real to spend my time, watching it on film… But I think I am so diverse in my interests you can take me to see anything.  smile 🙂

Picture of Rachel at the Local Tim Hortons
Timmies Girl

I consider myself very down to earth, I respect my brain  I like that can figure out lots of things on my own, but stubborn to know that if I can’t I will find a way, and not give up on myself.  Currently learning how to do blogging, and this is fun.

I am single at the moment on February 2, 2018, and dating, the whole process is confusing and difficult.  I understand that I am getting older, and not as young as used to be.  But I feel like a great catch, and I would make anyone a good partner.  I am very loving, and consider myself interesting to hold my own in any relationship, and perhaps enhance someone’s else life.

I hold my family close to me and very they are all very dear to me.  My dear sweet mother died on January 11,  2015, and then my older Brother Mark who died a year later on January 11, 2016.  I am still grieving over these great losses, I find myself re-evaluating how I view the world and who I spend time with,  more import for me now.  My time is precious, and I should treat it as so.

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  1. you are a great friend and you are very loved and i myself am very lucky to have such a great friend so what ever you do please don’t change …….

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