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Random thoughts, ( I think are humourous I like to share. )

Sometimes, I enjoy questioning my sanity with Random thoughts that I have occasionally, as I remember them I promise to post them here.

While, listening to my MP3’s on my cellphone… man how come everything I play, I know these songs and love them.

So, how come there is no such thing as a male chicken?

Other gems, I have posted on Facebook.

This thought woke me up laughing last night:

March 18, 2020: I will leave my mark on this world and people will remember me. Author: Unknown.

November 11, 2019: Said during an online discord Chat. Your better girlfriend material than me. My online profiles only say .. I have a pulse. pleasant to be around when awake.. and potty trained thanks, mom

July 30, 2019: Thought of the day: Why is chicken soup so good for the common cold, but not so great for the chicken? (Sarah is sick )

May 24, 2019: Saw my superintendent in the hallway, and thought to myself… What are you doing here on a Saturday? (it was Friday)

May 19, 2019: Why is computer housecleaning easier than, real housecleaning?

Oct 3, 2018: I walked into my living room today, to hear a child’s voice very quiet saying, “hello”. I knew I head it before, but it really creeped me out, only to find out later, it was an alert from Messenger, saying I got a new message.

Jan 6, 2018: Wow. I am a grown-ass woman.

Apr 20, 2015: Random Thought Alert!!! : OK… Prozac and hot tea is a bad idea.. never ever do this…

December 6, 2012: If you all know me. You know the more tired I get the more mistakesyieS I make.

Here are actual fully-blown random thoughts, I actually put to blog for you to enjoy. Enter with Caution.