Mia’s Warcraft Toons

Mia’s Warcraft Toons

as of August 08 2020 – Hmmm… I haven’t been playing wow lately. I was wondering what toons should I level for the next expansion. What do I do? should have once each class on AREA 52 where my favourites are? Or should I just enjoy them where they are? What do you think?

AREA 52 is where I play the most. My 2 of my Favourite girls here.
Tiaomi and Shalie my warlock. Lanturn, Gravebella, Umona and Shalomi
SargeresDaldrieth, Adorimei, Tiaeya
Earthen RingEthelle, KinkahMy girl Kinkah! and Shalie (might delete her)
ScillaHorsewoman, and Tiarett
LightbringerMiagrowl GreymaneWindfire KorgathSarada
Zuluhed Gravebella Argent Dawn Rielerothandon’t ask! Grrr
Vek’nilashMelune Emerald DreamIrisdreamz

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