Visiting your adult children

Visiting your adult children

Over the last few weeks, I had the opportunity to visit my daughter Sarah. It was a wonderful visit up at North Bay at her 1st department she had away from home. Well, not exactly her 1st home she was living with on her own before but this time she was living in her own apartment on her own accord.

It was weird being a guest in her home. I am not a good guest, more of a host type of girl. However, it was to see how she arranged her furniture. How she looks after a home how she looks after her pets and what kind of styles and decorations she likes and has.

Just observing, being pampered for a change. I did learn a few things from her. For instance, my daughter made a few new meals for me as well as her boyfriend Carl. Karl made a dish with ramen noodles, with flair, with eggs, vegetables, and spices. Why one dish that stuck out was that Sarah made spaghetti that included spinach. Delicious. She also made homemade pizzas for us it was quite fun and I really enjoyed putting my own toppings on. It was a group event we all got great all our vegetables and toppings on to put on the pizza’s individually made and she just popped them into the oven to warm them and she brought them to us while we watched a movie. I need to add more spinach into my diet, I forgot how good it tastes.

It was wonderful to have a separate room of my own where I could have some privacy and A place to put my belongings and clothing and little nicknacks. I brought to enjoy my 2-week stay.

It was nice spending time with Sarah, she has lived with me for years we know each other very well, It has been about 9 months before, that we were last together. We talked we laughed we watched movies together and she laughed at the silly things I did and I even got to know her boyfriend Carl a little better.

Kitty Visits are Always Nice

I truly enjoyed was seeing Willow (Sarah’s Cat.) again, I have known him for most of his life. He lived with me for years in our old apartment, where I raised my kids, and now where I am now. It was nice to see him again. I missed him more than I thought. He also now lives with new siblings, Bella, and Peaches. Bella was adopted off Facebook and Peaches was a farm cat that Carl fell in love with when he was working there. They each had their unique way of hiding in their favourite little spots, Willow, loved being on the balcony, and Peaches was on the shelves in the kitchen, and one day I found Bella one morning up on the top shelf with all of Sarah stuffed animals it was really cute.

The Long Walk to Walmart

Another big part of my trip was going for a walk to Walmart. I that being in a small town you definitely need a car to get from place to place to do your shopping and your groceries. Sarah proved me wrong, It was only a half-hour of a pleasant walk, talking and enjoying the warm weather as well.

While at Walmart, we met this wonderful man who was about 92, I think. I actually met a really World War Vet, he shared that what some of the nicer experiences he had during the war. He shared, how he did 2 terms in Vietnam. He got a bit sad after telling us that most of his platoon was gone.

He was talking about visiting his daughter and I thought that was very funny because I too was visiting mine. I told him I was from Toronto and he laughed said he was from Toronto too. We both admitted that both of our daughters wanted us to move to North Bay. I told him I was looking for a boyfriend and if he was interested in having a 52-year-old, girlfriend? He just laughed and said oh my gosh dear you are younger than all my children that would feel really strange. (I thought to myself, trophy wife worked for me. )

Well on the way home, I was feeling quite tired and very hot. So, I went down for a short nap. When I woke up, I realized that I had a severe sunburn on my face, my shoulders and my back to a nice red glow. However, at the time of writing this, I have a nice tan, and peeling skin. I can’t remember the last time I looked this good.

Visting the best part of North Bay

We all went for a drive to the local pier. Where we went for a walk along the beach, and to the pier. I got to see people fishing, people laughing, and even a baby being scared at a live fish. There was a lot of mosquitos, unfortunately, the ice cream shop was closed. So no Maple Walnut ice cream for me. Maybe next visit. Sarah took this beautiful picture of the shoreline or of the sun and the beach.

Final Night On The Visit

The last night, I was there, a couple living in her building were having a fight. It got so loud it woke me up. Well, this woman, was very upset with her boyfriend and she was banging on his door so loudly, at 5 am. When he did open the door, she yelled. ” I am pregnant with your baby” and the man said, “Not anymore you’re not!” I thought that was really funny. There was another point in the argument when the police arrived and the policeman arrived and said “what are you doing here April? ” North Bay, Officers really know their constituents. That made all of us laugh our heads off.

Final Thoughts

All in all my trip was wonderful. I enjoyed spending time with Sarah and Carl. The oddest part is letting them cook for me, treat me to dinner, being pampered by them was enough to make me not want to go home.

I think the hardest part of having adult children is realizing that they are now mature adults, and seeing their homes and the lives that they made after leaving the nest. I have to remind myself that being a good parent is to see your children grow up to be happy and successful in life. Sarah is not doing too bad for herself. I am a proud Momma.

I recommend all parents spending time in their adult children’s homes. When I came to time to leave, I kept telling Sarah not to cry. I knew if she cried I would cry too. I feel very close to Sarah and I knew I was gonna miss her. When my friend, Paul picked me up and we drove away, I literally started to bawl, I mean crying like a big baby. After talking to Sarah later we both admitted she cried too.

I’m gonna miss my girl, I said it was really nice visiting with her looking forward to seeing her again. I must say that I wouldn’t mind moving to North Bay. I guess it’s something I’m gonna have to think about for the future.

Thanks for letting me share my visit with you.

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