Mr. Buddy

Mr. Buddy

In June of this year, I got myself a new member of our household.

I knew I wanted a second cat when my daughter moved out with my daughter’s cat Willow. And moved to Brantford and then to North Bay. I think Ralph was really missing him. I thought we would enjoy just being us for a while. Well, that didn’t happen after several months of experiencing a lot of extra affection from Ralph. I decided this was enough and gingerly started looking for a cat his own age to play with.

While browsing Facebook, of this young mother I follow, Melissa H. I met this lovely young lady at a baby shower in January 2016, for a mutual friend of ours, Julia. Her adorable baby Romeo had a firm hold on my heart. Here are pictures, of them and me when we met.

This little one has been a pleasure to watch grow up over the years into the handsome, and big brother he is today.

Well, one morning, I read a sad post on Facebook that her beloved Grandmother passed away. Then I saw a picture of a really handsome cat that needed a home, after losing his Human mom. Unfortunately, Melissa had a household where family members were allergic to him, and with her young family, it was a bit much. I really don’t blame her for looking for a good home for him. ( and she picked me!! ) After seeing his picture, I instantly fell in love with him.

I took a picture of him in the carrier on the day he arrived at my home on June 30, 2021. Even at the age of 14 yrs old, he still had many adventures ahead of him.

After weeks of hiding in the closet, and dodging my son’s dog Fang, with her many curious looks, sniffs, and stares. Also hiding under my bed, closet, and various other places, like behind the bicycles, in my living room. I understood that he desperately needed to quietly sleep off his major life change and quietly observe us and the new surroundings, of his new home.

A new home with new challenges

The worst part for Mr. Buddy was changing his cat food Whiskers. I had to change into the food Ralph already eats. You see, Ralph loves the current cat food from a company called Fromm. I choose this food because it seems to keep our cats fuller longer, which saves me food in the long run. It really isn’t that much more expensive either. Mr. Buddy was not impressed. After weeks of mixing in his old food with the new food, he grew to love it.

I also like to present my cats with wet food. I was told by a veterinarian that male cats who have been neutered can have severe bladder problems and if they don’t get enough water in their diet. So I supplement their food with wet food. Of course, Mr. Buddy hated this as well. Most mornings, lately I am greeted every morning with a loud meow, and demands for his wet food.

I forgot to say the reason why he’s called Mr. Buddy. His name is just Buddy, and I feel it is rude to change a cat’s name. Unfortunately, I call everyone in my household buddy. I didn’t want the poor guy looking up every time I said his name so now he’s now Master of the household, King Lord Supreme aka Mr. Buddy.

In mid-November, Mr. Buddy finally took the opportunity to show me that he actually liked me, and trusted me. I was watching a movie and he came to my chair, sat on me, and promptly fell asleep on my lap. I sat like that for about two hours trying not to wake him up and enjoyed the trust and love that finally came from this handsome guy. It meant a lot to me.

Fun fact, Mr. Buddy hates being picked up and carried, so far he is okay is standing with me in the hallway looking at his handsome self in the mirror. It is always short-lived and although he fights to be put down, I will not until I put him unless I can place him comfortably down on his feet. He is learning that I will not harm him in any way and tolerates my snuggles.

As for him and Ralph, they seem to be getting along. Occasionally, I have to break them up because Ralph is a big bully. He does not seem to remember how much he wanted to be Willow’s friend after he moved in years ago. He mercilessly followed Willow around for days.

A tabby cat Ralph and Willow the orange furry cat
Here are the bad boys together back in the day
Mr Buddy and Ralph the cats enjoying space on by livingroom comfy chair.
Needless to say about a week ago, I found them sleeping in the same chair together so I am very hopeful that they’ll become friends.

To this date, Mr. Buddy still doesn’t come up onto my bed at night, get good morning cuddles as Fang and Ralph do. I still lean over the side of the bed, to sometimes if allowed to give him cheek rubs and morning loves. However, I do get daily escorts to the bathroom. Sometimes, if I’m lucky enough (if Devin is still sleeping) I can leave the bathroom door open and get to have Mr. Buddy looking around the door at me. I think he’s totally warming up to me or he has a fetish for people on the toilet who knows.

Picture of a Tabby Cat Named Mr. Buddy in a doorway.
Morning visit in the bathroom.

I am sure there will be new adventures of Mr. Buddy, in the future, and I look forward to sharing them with you when I have the time.

Meanwhile, I wish you all a great day and lots of smiles and hope to write to you soon.

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