A little Sisters Birthday

A little Sisters Birthday

August 24th of this year, I went to help celebrate my friend Jackie’s 50th Birthday Party. I was asked to draw a picture of her for a game. I was asked at least a month in advance, and of course, I waited until the last moment. It turned about better than I imagined. In the reference picture, she was holding a Tim Hortons Tea Cup, (She loves tea like me.) I was asked not to draw it. So I decided to give her a thumbs up, but when I was done. I thought to myself, she looks like she is hitchhiking back to her 20’s. Hey, girl can I come? At the party, I told Jackie, that I spent way too much time looking at her crotch than I ever planned. Her laughed filed the air. Did I tell you how much, I love hearing that girls laugh, I am always acting like an idiot around her to hear it. Happy Birthday, Girlfriend.

drawing in marker of a girl taking on the phone, with a thumbs up gesture.
Drawing of Jackie for her 50th Birthday Party

I rode the subway to the party and was picked up by Phyllis, in her sexy hardtop convertible. Phyllis just really wanted to make sure I got there safely. It made me feel wanted and like a VIP. Thanks for that. Phyllis is an intelligent, and beautiful woman. She is always smiling. She is a successful businesswoman and is always either working hard at work or doing something lovingly for her family. This warm-hearted woman always greets me like a long lost friend. It was evident how much effort her “Big Sister”, put into the party. How she made a great effort to feed everyone, to carefully coordinate napkins, table cloths, decorations around her backyard. She was even so thoughtful enough to make party favours for people to take home. As nice way for Jackie to say, ‘Thank You‘ coming to her party. Phyllis, you are right up there with my big sister Sherri and awesome older sibling. I love ya!

I truly feel in love with Jackie’s nephew Apollo, he was so adorable. I noticed him while we were playing a game. His printing was so nice and neat that I had to say something. Of course, he said it was messy. I told him, he had great handwriting and should be very proud of it. Later that evening, he came into the kitchen where I sitting and I asked “So how old are you anyways, 28, or 29 years old. ” Apollo responded with a weird look saying… “Nah, I am only 8.” So I asked, so “How is university going? Do you have a girlfriend yet? ” He blushed and stated, that he didn’t know what University was. So I told him it was where people go to learn how to be a doctor or a lawyer. He said, “a place to get a good job.” and I agreed with him. We talked about being in grade 3, and how much he liked school. That was starting in September. At one point near the end of the party, Phyllis gave him a plastic bucket and shovel. He was offended at first. He wasn’t a baby anymore, and what would he do with this. His mother and I said we wanted it. I would love to make sandcastles on the beach with it. He instantly changed his mind. At one point, afterwards, the family was tossing spare change into that bucket. He was laughing and giggling. He has stolen my heart, and I hope he is careful with the jar of them he has to be carrying around. What a wonderful kid. I hope he keeps his plastic bucket full of smiles, and spare change. hugs.

The majority of her family showed up to the party and was there to give her all the love that they had to make her feel so special during her special day. But nothing over showered her big sisters’ Love. I have been a part of this lovely family, for years. Jackie and I have been friends since high school or sooner. I spent many mornings in her mothers home, talking to her mother over tea while waiting for Jackie to walk to school with. I loved her mom and her dad. They were always so kind to me and always made me feel welcome in their home. My parents, rarely if ever had soda pop at home for us while growing up. They always had healthy stuff. But at Jackie’s home I was always offered some when I arrived. Always, amazed that they had a coke in the fridge for me to drink. I have heard many stories of Heather, Steve, Larry, Phyllis, and Wayne. Over the years it was so nice to see their faces again. Each one looked at Jackie with such love, it almost made me cry. I had such a wonderful time. Family is important, and these gentle reminders warm and fuzzy moments for me.

Bitmoji of me - Saying Besties??

Jackie, I can’t say how wonderful it is having you part of life. We can spend years apart and always come together for a laugh, and long conversations and memories. You get me and I will always have your back. We always walked to high school together and a great pace, and I hope to continue at this pace in our lives for many more years to come.

Happy Birthday, Jackie!
I love you & always will.

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  1. well girl friend that is the best thing i have read and you made my special day awesome as well you coming made me know that you are truely one amazing best friend any person can ask for i will always have your back and that day will be my amazing day for the rest of my life i have to tell you having my family around and my best friend there an also all 3 of my kids was just like a amazing time of my life could not of ask for anything less.. luv you girl and thank you for this awesome blog…. i will cherish this always(HUGS)

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