Addicted Much?

Addicted Much?

I decided to take some time away from World of Warcraft because I found was getting way too emotional about the game. I spent many days upset with others and my gameplay. I wanted to use this time away to work on my art and blogging. Which I have NOT” been doing, as much as I hoped. I just realized a few days ago, I have been playing this new Facebook game I was introduced to called “The Household” non-stop.

My dearest and longest friend Jackie, came to visit not too long ago. She mentioned how addicted she was to this game she was playing for a few years on Facebook. She really loved thee game so I decided to log in to see what all the hubbub was about. BIG MISTAKE! Insert dramatic music here. Looked Harmless enough… So I thought. So. 140 days later.

The Household, facebook post when you do something in the game.  This post was too announced she got to level 3518, and invited you to play the game.
This is a Sample Post of what Jackie posts, on her FACEBOOK wall.
The Household, facebook post when you do something in the game. This post was to announce that Jackie got to level 3518 and invited you to play the game.

If you click the above picture it will take you to the website. Where you can play the game. I am not sure if you have to be on Facebook, to play or not. I played first on Facebook first until I found out that, you get extra bonuses if you play on their site.

I can’t exactly say when, I started but there has been a lot of late-night clicking on little yellow triangles for experience, energy and food. You get a lot of quests to do when you are playing, so you are always doing something. I was thrilled when I unlocked a bunch of quests to have your spouse move in with you. It all started with love letters, then stuff to get ready for the big day, when he will join me. Like food to get ready, a house to build, cleaning up the farm, and then inviting friends to a wedding. LOL!

cartoon family

At first, I got a female spouse, I really didn’t mind, then I found out I could customize my spouse. I then changed her into a guy. Then, that is when I found out, that I could put a costume, so I named him Batman.

I have married Batman. LOL! you can see him at level 69, on June 20th, 2019. Upper right-hand corner.

screenshot of baby Eric in Game

Since then, I got my first child in the game. A cute little blonde-haired boy named Eric. So adorable. <3 So here is Jr. Batman Eric.

Well, I was appalled at viewing Jackie’s Farm. what a mess. Here is a screenshot of hers. Followed by mine.

screenshot of 2 cartoon games, facebook
Jackie’s Farm on the left, My farm on the right.

Later that night, I tried to give her some bad and very wrong tips on how to make her farm more efficient. Neater like mine, I was telling her that crops were super important, and gave more experience. She was trying to tell me that she was always struggling for room on her farm. That the totems give so much more experience and she was saving up gems to buy buildings to place them in. Of course (as usual), I wasn’t listening to her. I was giving her advice and she better listen. I was telling her she should start by making room to organize by selling her old cows. That way she can clean up her farm and make it look nicer. Jackie just quietly responded with, how much do you think I might get for you. GASP!

I love this girl. Thanks for always making me laugh even at myself. I have been playing a bit more and yes site management is tough. They give you things to place on your farm you want to keep but nowhere to store them. Mine is quickly becoming a mess. So, next time, I will listen to Jackie and take her advice as she has been playing the game a lot longer than me.

So, just a reminder. sometimes I get out of hand and need to have my best friend put me back with my feet on the floor and grounded. Always with a good laugh and smile. Friends forever right! I love you Jackie so much!

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  1. Rachel this is a lovely review jackie needs to sell the incas totems mostly i don’t want children in the game because the dog was enough [he nearly tripped me over ]my cat is called milo wish I had called him buddy that’s why my h/h dog is called buddy

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