Dad’s 75th Birthday

Dad’s 75th Birthday

Today, my family is all together celebrating my fathers birthday today. I am not feeling well today, and I couldn’t join them to celebrate this wonderful occasion. I am going to make it a point to take my dad out to dinner when I am feeling better, to show him how much I really love the man. Happy Birthday, Dad, although I am not there, I am thinking about you with warm thoughts and lots of love in my heart.

Earlier Celebration, on my dad’s 42nd birthday in 1996.

You see, I think my Dad is the biggest love of my life, I always looked up to my father. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent watching looking at my handsome daddy. Either eating dinner, watching tv or working on something that caught his interest. Or caught the loving glances he took when he looked at my mother. I still can’t listen to the sound of a table saw, without thinking of my dad. You see my dad, was a carpenter he worked with wood. My dad used to build the most interesting things in the basement of our house. Sometimes, he would be building a cabinet for a kitchen he as installing at someone’s house. Other times he would be sanding down something and making it look brand new. I remember once wandering down into the basement, to see him making angel dust with a blow torch. (He was welding. )

1986 Photo of Dad blowing out birthday candles
Handsome Patriarch blowing out candles. In 1986

I always tried to bring my father something to drink, as a rouse to see what he was up to. He was always doing something. My father would make things like boxes and dressers, and lots of different things. I remember being jealous that he made a pencil box for my sister to put her pencils and crayons and things. I remember the day he built it. He drew a line around the lid with a marker, with no ruler, he held the pencil and used the side of the wooden lid with a finger to draw a box around the lid. “No, ruler needed;” he said with a smile. I know my sister Naomi, still has this box and cherishes it very much. I was there watching it be lovingly made and decorated for her. A memory, I think about often.

I kid often that I have raised a good father. He has blossomed into a wonderful grandfather over the years. He is always making me smile with whatever he does, what he says, or what he thinks. Your smile always lights up my life.

Today, my older sister called to make sure, I was coming to the party. I told her, I wasn’t feeling well. I could hear the disappointment in her voice. It hurts my dad when we are all not there. I know. My family loves me. and I know it they all care about me, and it breaks my heart that I do not feel well enough to join them today. I asked what Dad was doing, Sherry, told me that dad was in his Garden, and wouldn’t be able to take my call atm. I instantly thought of the many times I spent standing with Dad near plants, that he either held with his big calloused hands showing me where the best place to cut it to place in water to get a new plant.

How many times, I admired his gardens outside his home, and loving looking after for so many years. Dad, he raised children, and loveling loved his wife and took care of thousands of pets and grandchildren. Dad is really one of a kind.

My mom told me that one of the most romantic times she had with my dad was when they were younger and looking up at the moon. I was talking about the man in the moon. Mom said Dad only saw a woman holding a baby. She said he knew that he was a romantic sap, and was the guy for her. I still look at the moon and think of that lady.

Dad, is a scholar, a very talented and creative man. He was born in Montreal and is fluent in French. I know that he loved Science in high school and studied Drafting as well. I watching him a few times, draw plans to houses he was upgrading, and even seen some of his drawing of our house in Toronto. He told me that he never liked his printing, he could never get it right like his teacher wanted him to have. Dad is always humble about his many many crafts. Always quick to smile, and hum or whistle a tune. Whatever he does, he does with passion and love. Dad your pretty wonderful. I love you.

Naomi, Proud Poppa and Me

Happy Birthday, Dad, I can’t wait to see the updated celebration photos of this years Birthday! Looking forward to our Father and Daughter time in the very near future. Enjoy your special day!

Updated Pictures taken from Naomi’s Facebook –
Thank you, Tom, for taking these lovely photos.

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