Money Well, Spent???

Money Well, Spent???

I was so hopeful that I might learn lots of stuff in my digital painting class I paid $500 bucks for. I was impressed with the building how clean it was and the teacher was really nice. The class was equipped with brand new Apple computers, mice and keyboards. They even supplied tablets for people to use and learn with. There was enough room for about 12 students. It was a bit cramped but comfortable.

The teacher basically gave us a few basic tips. How to start a new document, the toolbar( paintbrush, erase, select, crop etc.), how to save our own workspace. However, it was really basic, tooltips in Adobe Photoshop and then left us to own devices to paint by ourselves. I sort of expected lessons examples things to try, a booklet or lessons on painting layout, colour palettes, I don’t know. I didn’t expect supervised lab sessions.

Gargoyle looking at fire on a perch in the dark
Painted by Rachel Digitally with Photoshop 2019 in May 2019

I did talk to the teacher about how I was feeling, and he felt that because the class was small, he would be better to show me what I needed one on one. ( I didn’t know what I needed to know about painting. ) However, he said he didn’t know Photoshop that well, and really preferred Corel Paint. He did some drawing on the main screen and come over to help me figure out some issues I was having with some tips on my current art piece. I like in my Gargoyle, I wanted to make it look like he was perched on the end of a pole. He suggested on fading it as I did.

I don’t think the teacher was bad, I think I just expected more from the school. I expected to be taught more than like it was. Well, the class started out; it was full by the end of the 10 lessons only three remained. (Myself and 2 other women. Both very talented women.) I expected more from the digital art class, and I feel a bit ripped off. On the bright side, I completed the course and enjoyed myself when I was there. So, not all is lost.

Here is another piece of digital artwork (unfinished) that I worked on while taking the course.

Digital Painting of a Fox sitting looking up at you
Unfinished Jumper Fox Painting – May 2019 by Rachel

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