The day Crowley Moved In

The day Crowley Moved In
Should have been posted a year ago, better late than never. Right?

In November I turned 52 years old. It feels like just yesterday I was 40. Time really flies, when you are quietly living your life. I expected this year was going to be like the last another unsurprising birthday.

I had a computer ( Beast ) but I was running for well over 10 years he was getting old. Just like me. I have been naming my computers for years. The first computer that I ever bought was an HP computer when I was still with my husband. That computer didn’t have a name but I loved it. I was learning website design at the time and also my children started to show interest in using a computer. As far as I was concerned it was a good solid investment. I had a pink laptop that I named Pinky, and then another laptop that I called Spider, well, my father named him that. Yes, I do have pet names for my other devices, my tablet is Butterfly and my cellphone is Mr Pleasure call me weird, but I am.

I think out of my bad habits and loves are my use of my computer. My computer is a big part of my life, I am either reading my email, looking at social media, playing video games, streaming on Twitch, or doing some digital art. I also update my blogs, make text graphics and sometimes even do computer programming.

I love beast we learned a lot from each other, I did my first upgrades, changed his battery, learned about Bios, and anti-viruses and even added a graphic card, new ram, and my first SSD card. He was a good friend, and I loved him very much. With Beast getting older, I was growing more and more concerned with what and how I was going to replace him with a more powerful computer that I was going to need in the near future.

For my birthday, I got a huge surprise and I was given this computer as a gift. This person would like to remain on me remain anonymous but all I can say is this person means the world to me and completely surprised the hell out of me with this generous gift. Thank you, so much!

When I ordered my new computer arrived the very next day. I was so surprised and wasn’t really prepared to move in. The Box sat on the floor for two whole days before I opened it. My son was so excited about it. He threatened to open it for me. So I opened it while making a movie for this momentous occasion. Not sure, if I will post it.

I thought about a great name for my new computer, seeing how we would be spending so much time together. I decided on a great name ofter of my favourite character, from the TV show Supernatural. This wonderful guy started out as a crossroad demon and then eventually became the king of hell this character’s name was Crowley he was fun it’s an unexpected genius with a wicked smile a great sense of humour and impassioned about everything he cared about even if it was himself. And way too handsome to boot.

Crowley (the computer ) is probably one of the most beautiful computers I ever owned. He has fancy blue fans that light up on the outside of the tower, and a clear window into his soul with two more beautiful coloured fans on the inside. Although his fans are a bit loud there’s nothing like a come humming sound coming from your computer when you’re working. I adore him.

I must say it was rather difficult to move in with him because Windows 10 has a horrible reputation with me by adding things like cloud storage which I hate. It seems to take over my entire file system for the cloud. ARGH!!

Crowley is a streaming computer that comes with a lot of RAM and a streaming deck this allows me to record and play my video games while streaming without any interruption to my stream so it’s kind of confusing How it works, but I am determined to learn how to use it. It worked nicely when running for 7 hrs, it didn’t affect my gameplay and it captured everything just beautifully,

So it took me about 4 days to fully move into my new beautiful new computer. He is gorgeous. Well, I guess I should have known as he is gorgeous just like Crowley on Supernatural.

I hope he puts up with my endless hours playing computer games, Streaming, blogging, photo editing, gaming, and painting art over the next few years. He will be a great new addition to my home and my life.

Welcome Crowley, I already find I already am fond of you and looking forward to our time together over the years.

Welcome, Crowley,
I already find I already am fond of you. Looking forward to our time together.

I hope you all have enjoyed this new blog and I hope to keep writing in the future have a great day and we’ll talk soon

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