Raiding Tired

Raiding Tired

The morning after, let me explain.

This video, I posted this morning. Laughing my head off.

Ok. like I said in the video, I was playing really badly. I was not really alert and was making lots of rookie mistakes like- not moving when I was supposed too, getting confused, you know epic mistakes. My Guild God , bless all of them, were extremely patient with me. I have to say, I spent hours researching the fight, and watching countless videos and the fights. I read everything I could put my hands on. I even posted videos I found on YouTube that I found quite helpful. ( On the wrong discord too. ) Sorry, Bear Fight. I love you guys too.

I can’t describe the faces I was seeing in my head, but the frustration and eye rolls, at the stupid crap I was doing, was really comical. You know, people all being very serious and doing their thing to do this properly, and me running around with a clown mask, making goofy faces. – Then an authoritative figure steps forward and says… while I leave laughing. It was grade school all over again. Susan Daniels would know she was there with me in grade 9 at the principals’ office for laughing with me.

However, I really did not get a good night sleep the night before. I woke up around 7 pm. (raid starts at 8 15pm) after a coma and tried to Raid with BEDHEAD. You know that feeling of being awake and mentally still in bed. ( Insomnia sucks ). I was really playing badly, I knew it as I said in the video. I should have told the guild, that I needed to step out. But, I was determined to soldier through. It just got worse, the guild Right Meow is super classy and supportive. We do Mythic Keys together and they know, I play a lot better than on this particular night. This guild takes time to answer my questions explain things to me, and actually allow me to make mistakes without making me feel bad. They are not only that way with me but with everyone else in the guild too. They understand it is a game and it is supposed to be fun. They always laugh and make the game so enjoyable.

I knew they were going to get the boss down, I was going to record it I had my game recorder on when one of the team leaders, whispered me. Shalie, do you mind stepping out, we really want to do this today, and we are trimming our raid. I apologised and said I know I was playing badly. He said, No we just want a smaller raid. ( Sweet huh? ) That is just the way they are. Seriously. hugs.

Screenshot of video of Shalie semi gracefully leaving raid.
Shalie hearthing out of Raid.

Of course, I felt upset for having to asked to leave, not only because I was playing so badly, but that I had to make someone uncomfortable enough to ask me to leave. However, I strangely relieved and very happy that the guild got that first heroic Queen Azsura “Kill”. It is a long difficult fight, and I am proud to be a part of it, even though I was listening to the discord reaction. Which was wonderful to listen too. The happy dance and smiles were wonderful to hear. Thanks, guys!

As I said in my video, I know these people are going to invite me to Raid again because they are good people and I know, (they too) I will do a better job. I have improved so much being around these people. There kindness and laugher make the guild so much fun. See you next raid week. <3

Guild achievement Photo. First kill!  Congratulations guys!
The Right Meow, first Queen Azshara kill.

Congrats on the kill, I am very proud of you all. Here is the victory picture. I wish I got a screenshot of the guild achievement. I was so happy when they did it, I forgot. Enjoy, guys. Especially, those who whispered me saying they felt bad I wasn’t there. I felt loved and really was genuinely happy for you all.

I hope you found this post as funny, I sure did. I am still laughing hours later, as I write it. If you can’t laugh at yourself and be happy for your friends’ life is just dull and boring. I refuse to live that way. Keep Smiling.

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