Streaming Live Traditional Art

Streaming Live Traditional Art

After joining the Twitch Community, I normally found myself hanging in the ART streamers category. Mostly drawn to the relaxed vibes, great music, and great tips to do art from other artists. After lurking for several months. I decided that this was something I might enjoy doing. Here is my thought process.

At one time, I found myself, lonely and needed a reason to get out of the house. I called the local community centres in Toronto and found several art studios to go to and meet new people and hang out. It really helped me get back into my passion for drawing. I started doing art and making friends and feeling more like myself. Now Twitch Community is pretty much making me feel the same. The best part is that it could be something I could do from my own home. It was an easy decision to make.

Now, I had a reason the next step was how to stream…

With me not owning a second webcam to stream art with, I used an alternative plan. I knew other people used their cellphones as a second camera, I just didn’t know how they did. First things I dealt with, was not having my phone running out of power. I went out and purchased a really long charging cable. It only cost me $9.99.

Now to get my cellphone to act as a webcam? I asked the great YouTube Tribe to figure out other people do it. They suggested I use a software called IVCAM. How to use the software instructions, on their website, making it a snap set up. Now I can use my stream live footage to my computer using WIFI, from anywhere in my home. You can control the settings of your from the computer, without having to touch your phone. For me, the best part is that it ties in with my OBS Software, that I use for streaming. It has free software that you can try, and it is wonderful. I will definitely be purchasing this asap.

How to mount my phone, was the next question burning in my mind.

One day, I came across a picture of geekvisionproductions streaming setup on Instagram. I thought it was brilliant, and quickly I incorporated it for my own stream setup. Geek, I love that you shared this with me. You are the bomb!

In the first picture here, you can see on his Instagram on my monitor where I mounted my cellphone for streaming. The second picture is an ariel view of my desk. Yes, I think I need more desk space.

Where do I find inspiration?

I really love to use a reference photo for most of my painting or drawings. They are always easy to find. I have hundreds of photos I have taken or seen somewhere on my computer and phone to spark my imagination.

This is the reference picture I used. I loved the colours on the bird, but mostly it was the berries. I was really looking forward to painting the berries with bright red paint.

So, on October 24th, I finally did my first live Art stream on Twitch. Well, that morning I woke up that all excited and ready to paint Saturday, and decided to do it. I thought I was time to stop thinking about it and just do it! I had a ball below are some of the highlights of my stream.

Sample what the final product

Here is a highlight reel of the original stream.

I can’t wait for the next Stream… I will keep you posted, until next time.

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