The Kiss

The Kiss
The Kiss – By Little Darling
I hope you enjoy it.
Originally Posted sometime in 1999 – Just before I started College.

This was written when I was a receptionist at my ole job. (I fixed it a bit. I am older now. hehe 🙂 See what happens when you leave someone at a mind-numbing job for hours at end.  Sigh.. lord save me…  What nobody told you I have a sick sense of humour. Now you know. LOL!!

Monday morning, what a day. I stood alone in the elevator and listened to that droning ding, ding of the elevator. As I slowly made my way up the office tower to work.  I was early, I always was, who starts at this hour I thought to myself.  

Suddenly, the elevator slowly moved to a stop. The annoying ding of the elevator told me it was not my floor, I glanced up at it annoyingly when the elevator door came open with a swish.  

My heart took a jump. and before me stood a man, who was deeply tanned, and startling handsome, he was wearing a dark business suit, and a crisp white shirt, he cologne swirled around him like, a cool breeze. I drew my breath as he waited patiently for me to step aside to let him on.  I was embarrassed and shy.   Looking at the floor trying not to look at him again. My was pounding in my breast,  I was acutely aware of this scent, calling to me to look him.  My nose was slightly flared to breathe in him.  I took in a deep breathe.  Looking down at the floor I noticed his shoes. Black running shoes, Nothing too unusual I thought to myself. Most men work out before work, I thought to myself.  

Then a quiet cough, forced me to look at him.  He leaned over me to press the stop button on the elevator. He was standing so close to me, He lips, his soft cheek just a breath away from my face.  I was breathing shallow breaths.  My heart was pounding in my breast.  He stood closer to me. He took a step closer to me. I couldn’t back away. I knew what he was thinking, >cause I was thinking the same thing. My lips slowly parted. He drew nearer. I drew closer to him. I could smell his cologne, it mixed perfectly with my perfume. I closed my eyes. I felt his breath upon my face. I reached up touched his thick black hair. Wrapped my fingers around the base of his neck, Our lips touched. My heart skipped a beat.  I hung on to him, I was afraid I would fall. 

I felt like I was floating my feet weren’t touching the ground. His lips where soft. Against mine. His embrace kept me close, his hand was pressed firmly, at the small of my back. I was glad he held me, I was delirious with his kiss, his neck, his body against mine. The kiss deepened, then  suddenly, the doors drew open and he was gone. And so was my wallet. Oh, well, so much for my day…he he..


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