Avoiding the Computer

Avoiding the Computer

You know, sometimes it is healthy to spend a few days away from things you love the most, and for me it is my computer. I think, if I could I would literally live at my computer.

As of late, I wanted to rest my head and stop being at the computer. Sometimes just doing nothing is good for the soul. How I feel now. I wanted to just sit in my living room and watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, just plain smell-oh-vision, or been just playing on my phone. I am really into puzzle games mostly finding matching games and logic games.

These days, I have been trying to catch up with friends. Do a bit of housework, spending time with my cat, and going for walks with the dog. I have lost about 10 lbs. just walking the dog. Impressive huh..? Gotta eat more chocolate to get it back. I am just wasting away.

So what did I do with all this free time?

Well, I have been sitting in my Livingroom. and watching TV. The first day, Ralph didn’t understand why I was not at my computer. Lately, he just sits in front of the TV and looks at me. Poor guy, he is used to sleeping on my desk. Even Devin’s dog Fang thinks I am nuts. She usually sleeps under my desk.

Well, the first thing I noticed was that I was sleeping better. My eyes have been hurting less with not looking at my monitors all the time. Yes, I have two of them. What a life-changing thing. I am more productive now.


These days, I have found myself drawing more, well working on faces. Learning about facial mapping and the Loomis method for drawing faces. In the future, my human faces might look more like modern humans, instead of cavemen. LOL! I joke making reference to this horrible picture. I drew. Of a favourite Streamer of mine, Chrildsbuilds.

As you can see in this drawing where I went astray. After spending, so much time focusing on the expression on his face, that I neglected to give him a forehead. This drawing made me want to learn more about learning facial structures, spacing in drawings. I know that. I am improving after putting in several hours drawing in front of the TV in an attempt to understand these theories.

Well, after feeling rested and refreshed, I am back to using my computer and neglecting housework yet again. I suggest that all of you, who are feeling burnt out with things that you love to do. A little personal time away is very good for your soul.

I personally enjoyed spending doing things I loved to do too. You should too. I highly recommend it. Cheers. Meanwhile.. please check out my blog, which talks about my daughter having a baby, called Grandma 2 Be Is Me.

My new Grandson is what my next blog will be about. These days, all have been doing is smiling my head off, and waiting to see him for the first time.

Cheers! Talk soon!

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