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This post was originally put on a blogger Account, I never really posted anything on it other than this.  Originally posted Sept 11, 2010. So I dated it then.  I felt right .  So here it is!


Hi guys, I am new to blogging and I thought I would try putting one here before I converted an existing website to a blog using word-press.  I am an artist, World of Warcraft player, and a website designer.

I am currently not working and on ODSP, apparently, I suffer from a POST DRAMATIC STRESS DISORDER. In other words, I suffer from anxiety and depression.  I don’t like to talk about it but It does affect me and my life.  I really love working but hate calling in sick, more.  I wouldn’t hire me if I had a choice. So I am working on getting myself better.  Regular doctor appointments, taking my medication, and keeping myself busy is very important to me.

I have been keeping myself smiling and happy most often with new friendships, and a positive attitude.  I have decided in late August to Start looking after my creative side, by joining some community art classes, it has been a wonderful thing for me.  I am finding myself interacting with people, and enjoying myself more often, and the Art is a great way to express myself, and encourage people to do the same.  I wish I stuck with wish to be some sort of an artist when I was in high school. But I got interested in boys, marriage and children.  Then the computer programming and website design took over.  So it is so nice to be back into art where I feel like I belong.

Rachel's Paint Black and white panda
Relaxing Panda
Painting of a mug that looks a man, with lipstick on this collar
Mug Shot

Here is my latest pieces of artwork, I painted it for a possible art shows, and where they will be displayed to the public and could be purchased.  Cheer!

I hope you like it, I am tired of being in my class, and suffering from a cold, thank you, Tammy, for posting your blog.  Trust me I will be reading it.

Nice to meet you, Bloggers, out there.  Bits of help and tips appreciated.


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