The Gamer in Me

The Gamer in Me

I have been playing video games for so many years now, it is so funny, I don’t remember when I didn’t play a game. I remember getting a computer for the first time, I was standing in Radio Shack drooling over a computer called a Tandy Computer.

16K TRS-80 Color Computer I. It looked something like this.

The model we got was one that hooked up to my our TV. I was fun. I wanted to play a game called Megabug, that came with it. It was like a cool Pac-man game. Check out this cool link. 

I can’t thank my parents enough, for this wonderful addition to our home. I quickly got bored with the game and starting programming, I think I wrote all the code that came with the manual, and was thirsty for more. Then I met boys, and it was all down hill from there.

We also played games from the 1980’s like, asteroids, space invaders, and others. All knock offs from the Atari game that my really cool Uncle Micheal owned. He let us play when we visited and never freaked out with us, either. I loved him for it. too.

I think the first video game that I played seriously was diablo 2, I was hooked in line and sinker with those silly cows, and there moo moos. Too much fun.

I can’t remember when I started playing World of Warcraft, it was around the time the second expansion came out, Burning Crusade. I made a mage called Sarada, on the horde side. I was the worst mage ever. Let’s just say I had to be told not to hit people with my Staff and be a ranged player. LOL

This is Sarada, my fire mage, in the Eye of the Storm Battleground. She is never played anymore poor thing.

I enjoy playing World of Warcraft and I am currently playing 2 classes at the time. My main is a healer Tiaomi (a resto shaman), and my Warlock, Shalie (a demonologist ), I will introduce you later.

I am currently messing around with guilds trying to find somewhere I belong, I enjoy raiding, most of the time, but I do find it stressful and fun. I am not the best raider but I do care about the guilds, I am with and how much I do contribute.

I also play other games, like Minecraft, 7 days to die, and a few others, it depends on my mood and if I am not drawing, or working on some new project that takes me away from my computer. Gaming to me could be a full time job, but there are so many more things out there to be doing.

Thanks for taking time to read my blog, it means a lot to me. and I hope to add more content soon. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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