My Favourite WoW Toons

My Favourite WoW Toons

I have been playing World of Warcraft since 2007, and I have several characters that I enjoy, the picture above, is by far my top three that I really enjoy playing. Most days! These are the ones I care about the most.

They are my Horde toons (Tiaomi, my restoration shaman, Shalie, my Warlock), and Adorimei my Alliance toon who is also a restoration shaman.

I got introduced to the World of Warcraft from my good friend Ricardo. He found this game and showed me a few toons he was playing, I remember him showing me a blood elf paladin. I remember him saying when we were logging off, that he had to put her in a safe place first. I didn’t know how player vs players worked back then. So that was an odd thing for him to say.

When I started playing, I remember being overwhelmed with the whole thing, and giving him my login information and asked him to create a character to play. He asked me what I liked, I had no idea. I said I liked to play with fire, I had to be a girl, and I wanted to be a bad guy. So he created me a toon called Sarada, an undead fire mage, with the Horde fraction on Mal’ganis.

Sarada, is what is called a DPS character. Which means Damage Per Second. This means, I have to kill my targets, with spells and from a distance. I was really bad mage, because I was told that I shouldn’t be hitting people with my Staff. That should tell you how bad of a mage I was.
I was in love, with her for the longest time, she was the first toon after all. I remember, doing things like blinking into mobs, and targeting the wrong things and wiping my parties. Tanks hated me.

However, I was in a new guild called OldFartsGaming, and they were always looking for a healer. So I made Tiaomi, my resto shaman. She is my favourite toon by far. I feel in love with the trolls, and the lore, I really love the way Tiaomi, laughs and ‘her emotes’. She says the funniest things, in game, like “The way to man’s heart through his stomach, and I go through the ribcage.” and another favourite is “All dis and personality too.”

I made Tiaomi shortly after I levelled Sarada, I found I was playing her more and more and although I tried to play them both equally, Tiaomi always won the draw. For me healing with Tiaomi, is more natural for me, cause I like to help people more than hurt them, and being a healer is something every group needs and I like being needed.

I created my undead, warlock I think in 2009, and called her Shalie, after a girl I was working with, at the United Way during a temp job that I had. I thought it would be fun, to play the class my friend Ricardo was playing to be a warlock just like him. You see he is a pro warlock. I created Shalie on a new server I wanted to try out called Rexxar and joined a guild called Midlife Crisis. I know I kept with the theme, old people. I feel old all the time. After playing a healer class for so long, it was nice to go out in the world and kill things really really quickly. It was nice having a partner in crime as well, that was a void walker, I affectionately called BlueBerry. Shalie is so much fun, I made her undead like my first toon Sarada, at this point, I no longer played, and I love the undead.

Adorimei, was created around the same time, I think, I really can’t remember when I made her (2015?). I know I had a rogue, named Anue for the longest time on the Alliance side, and played her a lot. I have tons of pictures of her to prove it. I think I made Adorimei my second Resto Shaman when I wanted more experience healing raids, and to be able to have fast ques for dungeons and raids.

I play Adorimei when I feel like betraying the Horde. Which will always be my favourite faction in the game. However, it is nice to hang out and play with my friend in real life, on a toon that he really loves. Usually before a raid, or just chilling after work. I think I only play with her only when I feel the need to hang around Ricardo, cause he is always playing with me on the Horde Side with this other warlock GuldanJunior. His real toon alt too. I guess I copied him hmm, I just realized this now. Too funny.

Well that is an introduction to my top three favourite toons in the game of World of Warcraft, I have many others, which I might talk about in the future. For now, I am signing off, so be good.

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