Pet Rock, Twitch & Chance Meetings Online.

Pet Rock, Twitch & Chance Meetings Online.

It has been an interesting week for me, I think I have had more smiles on my face that I haven’t felt for a while now. It is nice to smile again. Well, this week, I have been focusing my interest on Twitch Channel.

I already knew about it from my daughter Sarah she was doing it, and was always curious about it. However, I have been recording my gameplay for a while now and been posting it to youtube. I never seem to be able to capture sound, either my voice or gameplay. So I downloaded a software called, OBS. I was using it for a while, and my daughter Sarah, asked me to try Streamlabs, OBS a free streaming software. OMG It is so easy to use, I was already familiar with the other one they did.

Well, I was watching other channels on youtube, and noticed that people were doing something called a pet cam, it was either a cat, turtle or snake or even fish tank. Well, I was thinking about it.. and thought, man how do people afford 2 webcams? and all that wire. I have pet cats but, they never stay still. Then it hit me, laughing so hard, I scared my cat, Ralph. I need a pet that doesn’t move so much, I can take still pictures of and pretend it is a live feed. seriously. Who would not notice my rock isn’t moving? Haha, I am so weird I know, and yes I will be featuring this pic on my twitch feed. It needs a name though, I can’t think of one.

Ok, so today, after a long day of playing with graphics, avoiding housework and feeling like playing wow, I decided to play on a toon that doesn’t get that much love these days. My shadow priest. Well, I logged in and started to play where I left off. I was trying to take down a rare monster in Darkshore, part of a quest where you need to take down 12 of them. So after trying for 2 attempts to do it on my squishy low toon, I did something I hardly do these days, I called out the community to for help. I posted the name of the rare and asked for help, and an in-game whisper showed up. Where are you? It was from a sexy troll frost mage named “Tahnaa” she was from an ole’ server I used to play on, so we talked about that for a while. As we were talking, I found out she was 47-year-old female and was back from a hiatus from wow. Finding someone my age who plays video games is always fun for me. I feel so old. You see she works from home, as is way too busy to play wow these days. And her last boyfriend hated that she played wow. So it was odd that she logged in to play today. As we were talking, I found out that she has a new “pet boyfriend” and was very happy with him. I called him a pet not her, but she thought it was funny, and agreed. She had me in stitches when she told me that he was 40 years old. I said omg, you are a cradle robber. She said ya, and proud of it. Anyways, I really enjoyed talking to her and doing looking for raid, however, I forgot to take a picture of my new found troll mage. but I did take this elevator shot of Lanturn on the elevator.

Well, my new friend is a kick-ass mage, who doesn’t stop to take numbers, she used to raid on 5 tunes and even heard a guild leader break his hand in a rage move, during a raid. At first, I thought she was talking about her hand. Well, it was wondering to meet someone and have such a good time. Thank you, for adding me to real id. Looking forward to hanging out again soon.

Anyways, off for more adventures and things I need to blog about.

Check out my latest you tube video here. OMG it gets embedded to my blog Automatically how cool, is that. I think it is funny, I needed some music for my brb page, and this is what I came up with. Enjoy. Laters…

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