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Sorry, these are all I found from that period of my life. Please note that Mark & I called it Quits in the Winter of 2015.  I told myself it was over and I made it so.  So currently, I am dating a wonderful man named David.  So far no fights and I have known him about a year and half by now.  ( hmmm…)

I found this blog while cleaning out my computer.  It was a great find.  I thought I would share it with the world. However, some of these memories are painful and hard to explain.  Keep in mind when reading these posts, know that they are really old over 10 years old, and I would like to remind people that I am not the same person, and I have grown and learned from these experiences.

I originally posted them here on this page, but I thought it was the past it should stay there so I put them in the years they were written. Of course with edits, because my spelling and sentence structures were really horrible and I wanted it to be understood, and I was really embarrassed by the mistakes.

360 Yahoo Blog Found

 Part 1  – Part 2 – Part 3 Reflections (coming soon)

Recent Art I have done, to decorate a really wonderful co-workers office.

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