First Digital Painting Class

First Digital Painting Class

My best friend Jackie, she came to visit me for the day, from Buffalo. She called Monday night, to say she was here and was with her awesome daughter Brandi, who is quite the artist. I have known Jackie for years and years, since High School in 1984. We have remained close and fast friends for years and years. ( 35 years to be exact.)

Picture of Jackie and Mia in high school looking super dorky.  and young.
Jackie and Rachel in High School

Well, while we were talking and laughing, my daughter Sarah came into the living room with my cellphone. which I said my class was starting in an hour. I was ‘like no way’ (valley girl I know), it is tomorrow not today. Sarah said you should check it out. I went to my computer and looked at the course, and omg it was today starting in less than an hour! I thought I could miss one class. My sad face was clearly visiable. I looked at Jackie and she was smiling that supportive smile, I love her for. She doesn’t even have to talk to me sometimes, she just gets me. I felt like I was gonna cry, Jackie said girl you go, I know this class means a lot to you, I know you wanna. Sarah called me an Uber, and I was off. So many, I am sorry to Jackie several hugs, and thanks to you, I feel bad too. I got into my first Uber. Another blog post maybe?

I got the class 25 minutes early. So I decided to get something to eat, cause I was starving. Found a submarine shop, and ate it super fast. I had like 10 minutes to walk to class and be early. So when I got there, the class already knew each other, and I was the last person to join the class. Apparently, everyone else was 1/2 hour earlier and the teacher (Brian Burnett), was just stalling for me. ARGH!!! He was really sweet about me and reassured me, it was ok. You know I think the universe is trying to tell me that either it doesn’t revolve around me, or I need to get in the game.

Well, when I sat down, I was surprised that the class was being taught on a Mac computer and a fancy one at that. I was impressed. Wireless keyboard and with a fancy mouse. Thank goodness, I previously dated a computer nerd over a year ago, who let me use his Mac Laptop a few times, so thanks for that. It was not to hard to reorient my nerd skills, for this new challenge. The funny thing about Mac Computers, they put there USB ports behind the monitor who figured? Brian helped me and plugged in my tablet for me. But later tried to take it to put it with the schools other tablets. I said hey that’s mine, a bit overprotective I think, and he just laughed and promptly gave it back. I really like him, he seems gentle and caring, I know I will be very comfortable to learn from him.

Cute picture of a laying down bagel on a couch looking at you slightly sideways.
This is the google image I used. Yes, I traced him, we were learning pen control sue me.
Isn’t he just so darn cute! I had too.

It is very nice being around people who share the same interests as me. , and I am really enjoying that people are in my age group! Some are really talented too. We were all making our own projects and I was really impressed. I really enjoyed the class, although I was unprepared, I enjoyed it no less, I am looking forward to learning more from my new teacher, and starting to use my tablet more in the future. I can’t wait to learn more. Meanwhile, I am so glad that I can see my paintbrushes on screen, I didn’t know that was there before. Write more laters.

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