New Frontiers with Digital Art

New Frontiers with Digital Art

A few months ago, I bought myself a drawing tablet. I took it out and played with it for about 20 minutes. (Maybe longer) – That was about a year ago .. June 7th 2018. Wow, I should be ashamed of myself. When I bought it, I thought it would be an easy transition because it was worked like a pencil, and I do love to draw. I wanted to integrate my love for art with my love for my computer. I have been feeling a bit unfulfilled these days, also why I created this website. So showcase me. I thought having this tool would allow me to get back into my creative side and help me to draw again.

Box of Wacom small tablet purchased at Staples on Sale in June 2018.
Purchased in June 2018

I wanted to start out with the monitor type one… where you see what you are drawing on the screen, but I wasn’t sure I was going to stick with it. So thought ‘let’s start’ out with a small one.

OMG! What a learning curve it is, there is the and software and getting used to the tablet and how it works. There is pressure sensitivity and among other things to learn. For one thing, it is very precise not at all like a mouse. The best way I can explain it is that it responds to where you exactly where you put the pen on the pad in ratio with the computer screen. Interesting but, with practice and lots of practice and YouTube videos, I finally drew this. LOL!!

flower with legs ! and buddy flower
first drawing on my tablet

Which I proudly posted to my facebook friends & family, as a wonderful work of art. Which is always received like a masterpiece done by someone way better than me. I love you guys! Facebook is a joy to have and I love the feedback I get, and I get to see all the shenanigans my friends and family who are both close and far are up too. Once, I got out of my facebook games addiction. That is another story.

Well, I have been playing with the software, I am only a bit familiar with to make graphics and things for my websites, simple logos with Text art and blocks and shapes. But never really used this software for drawing or painting. As you all know, I have discovered Twitch streaming, what people don’t know is that there is a whole community out there that does Art. Which involves different types of art from Digita, traditional art, wood carving, and many other types as well. I have been inspired and recharged. ready to delve into this wonderful world with new friends I have found along the way. This is another attempt, I drew while watching a beautiful woman drawing on her channel, I used my own interpretations of her she is much more beautiful in person.

This was inspired by a twitch artist .

I have tried a few more times, but I keep getting frustrated with the applications, thank god my daughter Sarah is very helpful and patient with me. She introduced me to the magic wand for selecting sections of my art. I had no idea what it was for. Super helpful for erasing backgrounds and filling up areas with colour. I still have lots and lots to learn, gradients, lighting, and masks… Shiver.

The cover drawing of this post is my latest drawing with the tablet. I only had intentions of just drawing with ink and not colouring it in. However, I really wanted to experience colour, the whole reason I went digital. So splash, of colour .. and excitement that happened. Different pens, watercolours and inks. I didn’t want to stop and now I can’t wait for a new project.

A few days, ago I finally signed myself up for classes at the Toronto Art School for a 10-week digital art drawing course. I am so excited. I am usually broke and can’t afford them, I am using my income tax return to do this. I think it is an investment in myself and something that repay in tenfold. Basic things I am looking forward to other than the obvious. Get my sad butt out of the house with a purpose. Get more social, do something artsy, and hopefully learn something useful. But for now, I am excited and ready to learn more fun things. Yay me!

This class starts next week, and I am really looking forward to it. I hope to in future blog posts to show you some of the new tricks, and explore my new skills in digital art. For now I am going to pack the caravan or in my case my new tablet and USB stick and get on the streetcar. Write more soon. Thanks for all the good wishes and thoughts being sent my way. Cheers!

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