Meeting Facesitta & Seejay52

Meeting Facesitta & Seejay52

Just another April 1st for me, I started my day with my normal routine, make a cup of tea then messing around facebook, then I play some of country life meadows game.  Today, I  after laughing at the Jazza newest video on YouTube, drinking my tea, and laughing I decided to see what my newest passion twitch was doing.

I feel like a creeper cause most of the twitch streamers I watch “are young folk”, like

Cropped screenshot of Seejay52 streamer!

I found him one day, looking for streamers on my new realm ‘Area 52’ where Tiaomi and Shalie now live.  He is an epic tank, who does high-level mythic keys, that I am too scared to go into.  He reminds me of a friend I went to high school with who I will not name.  He is fun to watch and when he smiles he lights up the world. So I really enjoy his streams.

Well, he was between, doing giveaways mythic dungeons with friends, and I thought I would log into Tiaomi, to see her on his stream.  We are on the same server so I thought why not. So I got to where he was and of course, I didn’t see him.  cause his group he was in had him off the server.   So I decided to stay online and look around but not really do anything.

I am a bit disenchanted with my Hordie toons these days, I should blog about that later in another post.   So I have been levelling a new toon on Lightbringer – Alliance.  A hunter named Miagrowl,  you can check her progress by clicking her name. 

When out of nowhere some dude opened trade with me and gave me 5000g.  I wasn’t talking to him .. I wasn’t asking anyone for gold nothing.  and I think it was a random act of kindness.   We started talking, but no after I randomly insulted him first. After receiving the gold, I asked him if he was new to the server, and was buying friends.  I didn’t mean it to be that mean, I just have a warped sense of humour.  I noticed that Facesitta was from the same guild as Seejay52, and I just told his twitch stream my toons name and said hi.  So I thought he was pranking me.  However, after talking a bit longer, I found out that he just joined his guild only 20 minutes prior.  He asked me to show him my favourite pet and I showed him Happy, the real start in my picture above, and he made him bigger.  Too funny.

You know the other day. I got some love for Miagrowl too. The other day, I got 4 (30 slot bags) and 10 something gold for epic flying, it was from dancewdots as a thank you for her joining the guild Registered Trademark,  and her new friends over on Lightbringer.  I joined this server because of another twitch steamer, Jonnysweatpants. Asked me to come to play with him, I am a bit excited too do that because they are a long established guild and have mature players, just what I need.

Wow.  I tell ya, I am meeting the nicest people out there online, is way too sweet! I do love the Wow and twitch community they make me feel loved. Thanks, guys!

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