Tiny Flowers and Lucifer

Tiny Flowers and Lucifer

I know what your thinking just bear with me and continue to read this post. You see somedays when my Anxiety gets too rough, I can’t sit at my computer or type or do anything. I just do not have the mental or physical energy to do anything so March the 13th was one of those days. You see the night before, I was upset about something that was really bothering me, and didn’t fall asleep until 4 30 am, after taking a sleeping pill ( Dr subscribed ) I finally got to sleep. I was up at a decent time but I was wiped out, it is like having a hangover, it could be the meds or it could be my anxiety but I was a mess.

I couldn’t do anything, so I decided to watch a tv series that been wanting to watch since I saw it on TV. Lucifer on Netflix. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4052886/ I love this show. I personally think if there was a devil in human form, he would be charismatic, charming and good-looking, how else would he be able to coerce people to do his bidding. The humour in Suttel like when he asks a big burly guy what woman he would like to be with and the guard says, “well you!” not a direct quote there. I almost died laughing

Well, I sat on the couch and felt like drawing but I was so tired. and the actor is so hot, I grabbed a pen and drew one tiny flower, but I just kept at it. So hours passed, my drawing got bigger and bigger, I looked up and when I was finished I was on episode S1ep7. What a shocker, I found myself going to bed, I wasted an entire day but I had a drawing to show for it. LOL!

Well, I decided to share this picture with my friends on Facebook, my friends were sweet they all said nice things and liked my post. However, nobody asked or said anything about the tag or name of my post. So I tried adding it to twitter. OMG too funny nothing happened there too. One of my eldest daughter Raisa’s friend Danny shared a piece of work she did recently too of her painting tiny flowers too, in colour. It was so sweet of say in her post – “I think we’re having a psychic inspo overlap lol, I love the black and white!!” She is so talented herself, I always admire her work.

About 2 days later, I heard my daughter Sarah laughing and coming towards me laughing.. oh my mom is just hanging out with Satan and drawing flowers. and nobody noticed. She was dying, she is too funny. I was wondering who would notice first. LOL!! Sarah lives with me and figured it out, first so far as of this post not one person has approached me about it yet. And I am feeling so much better, I will write more soon.

Be good.

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